Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your store located?


Dev is located at Mumbai, India. Our address is 05, Ashok Enclave, Chincholi Bunder Road, Near Mind Space, Malad (W), Mumbai-400064. Our telephone number is (022) 65880598.


What are your business hours?


Dev is open Monday - Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. Service appointments for any Mac repair, upgrade, or data recovery service may be made online 24-7. You may also contact us with any questions. Dev responds promptly to all online information requests.


Do I need an appointment?


Dev is now taking service appointments for all Mac repair, upgrade or data recovery services. We also will take walk-ins (without an appointment) as time and shop workflow volume allows. If you are outside the San Francisco Bay area, please contact us before mailing in a Mac or hard drive in for repair, upgrade, or data recovery service.


What services do you offer?


Dev offers repair, upgrade and data recovery services for all Mac products, including MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro and vintage models. Mail-in repair, upgrade and data recovery services are available for all portable Mac models.


Can you repair my Mac if I don't live in the Mumbai Area?


Yes we can. Dev offers mail-in repair, upgrade and data recovery services for all laptop or other portable Mac products. We can even send you a sturdy engineered laptop shipping box with a prepaid return shipping label if desired.


Do I need to provide my AC adapter, keyboard, mouse or OS installation discs?


Usually not. However, if the issue you are experiencing is related to powering or charging the computer, you should include the AC adapter. There is no need to include your original discs, but if you have upgraded the operating system on the Mac please provide your retail OS discs or AppStore proof of purchase to Dev for license verification.


I don't know what's wrong with my Mac, do you offer diagnostic services?


Yes we do. Dev's diagnostic service is designed to help get your Mac back up and running ASAP. Our experienced, Apple-Certified repair technicians will perform a complete service diagnostic on your Mac, including the Apple factory and Dev's own proprietary tests, and provide a comprehensive quote of the repairs needed.


What is your repair turnaround time?


Dev's repair turnaround for most Mac repair services averages about 2 or 3 business days. Actual repair turnaround time can vary, based on the nature of the repair service needed and then current shop repair volume. For clients desiring the quickest repair turnaround possible, we offer a "Next In Queue" rush service.


What is your "Next in Queue Rush" service? When will my computer be ready?


Dev recognizes that being without your computer can be difficult, and that downtime can be costly to your business or lifestyle. In order to better serve customers needing immediate assistance, our "Next In Queue" repair rush service bumps your work order to the front of the repair queue where it will be our technician's top priority until it is completed. Please understand that as with any repair service, actual completion time of a rush service repair may vary and could be delayed by data transfer or recovery, parts availability, or other issues beyond our control.


What do you mean when you say "business days?" Does this include weekends and holidays?


When Dev quotes estimated repair completion times such as "next day", "overnight", etc. we are referring to business days, Monday through Friday. Any holiday closures or changes to our business hours will be posted clearly in our store and on our website ahead of time.


What is your data recovery success rate?


Dev uses various state of the art hardware-based and software-based data recovery tools to ensure the best possible data recovery outcome. Even with the best available tools, a successful data recovery depends largely on the physical condition of the drive at the time the drive is received by Dev. As each drive failure is unique we cannot guarantee the likelihood of success for a specific recovery, however our overall data recovery success rate is over 95%!


How do you provide customers with data that has been successfully recovered from a failed hard drive? 


Dev will typically put data that has been successfully recovered onto a brand new USB backup drive, available in a variety of sizes. Alternatively, data that has been successfully recovered can be put on a brand new or empty hard drive provided by the client at the time the data recovery work order is created.


Do you repair Non-Apple computers?


As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Dev specializes on servicing Apple Macintosh products. We are not currently servicing computers from other manufacturers. We do, however, offer data recovery service for non- Apple products.


Do you repair iPhones, iPads, or iPods?

At this time, Dev repair iPods, iPhones or iPads. If you have one of these devices and require service, we suggest please visit our Store. If you require data recovery from one of these devices, please contact us.


What warranties do you offer? 


Dev warranties every product we sell and service we provide. Most products and services  come with a limited 90-day parts and labor warranty. Some products, such as hard drives or memory, typically carry a 1-year or longer manufacturer warranty as well.


What forms of payment do you accept


Dev accepts cash and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and also accepts NEFT, RTGS and online payment. We do not accept cheques, American Express, Discover, Paypal or Bitcoin.


Do you Accept Purchase Orders?


Dev accepts Purchase Orders from accredited educational institutions and certain pre-approved private companies. If you would like to set up a Purchase Order account, please contact us.