Welcome to the world of Dev. We are a reseller and service provider in Apple technology dealing with all Apple products and providing the best service to the user. We assist our customers with everything - starting with buying their first Apple device to setting up a complete solution tailor-made to their needs. Our engineers are up-to-date with the market trend in Apple technology and will walk you through the current happenings and development regarding the same.

Vision :

The vision of Dev is to provide up-to-date innovative technology based on care and support to the new and future generation of Apple users.

Mission :

Dev are Apple reseller and service provider is an established company with excellent track record. Customer satisfaction is our goal, which has never been compromised. We provide quality service at a competent price. We have various range of Apple products plus strong management and technical team providing unique solutions to the end user.

Code of conduct :

Following ethical ways is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for customers and vendor.

Meet the team :

Mr. Shankar - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Ramesh - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Balkrishna - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Tushar - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Raj - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Sandeep - Apple Macintosh Technician

Mr. Aakash - Apple Product Professional

Mr. Sahil - Apple Product Professional